R.A.G.E. President Wins Community Champion Award

Posted: April 12, 2016 in Uncategorized


Our association is proud to report that our President, Asiaha (Ay-sha) Butler will receive the Community Champion Award from Molina Healthcare on April 25, 2016 at Greenhouse Loft located at 2545 West Diversey Ave. The Molina Healthcare’s Community Champions Awards program was created in 2006 to honor the unsung heroes that work in our communities and inspire others through their selflessness, extraordinary service and contributions that positively affect the lives of those around them. The annual Community Champions event was established to honor the memory of Molina Healthcare’s physician founder, Dr. C. David Molina, who believed in community partners working together to create programs that would help care for individuals in our society who need a little extra help.

This year’s honoree, Asiaha (Ay-Sha) Butler is the co-founder and current President of the Resident Association of Greater Englewood also known as R.A.G.E.  Butler is a longtime resident of Greater Englewood and has been on a mission to uplift, inspire and change the perception of her neighborhood, which is often seen as a death trap.

Asiaha Butler attends the Urban Agriculture and Community Development Meeting at Imagine Englewood ifÉ in Englewood on Friday, Feb. 28, 2013.

2015-06-20 16.16.21

Through her leadership she has worked with educators, concerned citizens, police, pastors, youth and parents to develop a comprehensive educational plan for schools.  She works diligently to engage residents in the planning process around land use, TIF Reform, school repurposing efforts and other community development initiatives like the Large Lot program in Englewood.

She has helped change the negative narrative of the community by consistently highlighting ALL the good things happening in Englewood through her blog www.mrsenglewood.blogspot.com, local media outlets, and even took matters in her own hands by serving as the lead producer of a resident led TV show on CAN TV Chicago, titled the “Englewood Call”.

“I am honored to receive the Community Champion award, but I am not doing this work for recognitions or accolades. However, it is a good feeling for others to acknowledge the Good in Englewood work I am involved in with R.A.G.E., a win for me is a win for the association and the entire Englewood community,” Butler stated.  The awards ceremony brings together individuals whose civic and faith-based leadership, volunteerism as well as public advocacy embody Dr. Molina’s spirit of service, family and community. Winners each receive a Community Champions trophy and a $1,000 grant to designate to a nonprofit of their choice as a way to “pay it forward” in the community.

Please join us in congratulating this rising leader of Englewood on this prestigious award, she is truly a community champion that makes Englewood proud.

  1. jerry nelson says:

    My son and I are looking for a volunteer opportunity this weekend in Englewood if you have any ideas they would be appreciated.


  2. Darryl Luckett says:

    congrats on the award. Much deserved

  3. ronzeyl says:

    Congrats Asiasha you are indeed a true Champion

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