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We Welcome You to Attend our Village Meetings

…BI-MONTHLY ON THE 3RD TUESDAY OF THE MONTH -Next Meeting – Tuesday, September 20th  – Location/Time: TBD –  6pm-8pm- To view the RAGE or other community events click on the Calendar of Events.

Newly Released – R.A.G.E. Five Year Impact Report – Download it today!

Check out our updated brochure here!

So Fresh Saturday Englewood Park Tour is Back!!

Here are the dates and locations –

  • May 28th  – Sherwood Park – 5701 S. Shields
  • June 25th – Moran Park – 5727 S. Racine
  • July 16th – Hermitage Park – 5839 S. Wood
  • July 30th – Ogden Park – 6500 S. Racine
  • August 20th – Hamilton Park -513 W. 72nd St. – Back to School Edition (We will be distributing book bags and school supplies at this event)  – Our goal is distributed at least 1000 book bags to families and students of Englewood.  Help us reach that goal by donating today! 
  • October 1st – Lindblom Park – 6054 S. Damen


Are you an asset to the community? Do you see opportunities where others see failure? Are you looking to become connected with others who are actively pursuing the betterment of Greater Englewood? Then join R.A.G.E.! E-mail us at joinrage@gmail.com or call 866-845-1032.

You may now donate or pay your membership dues online!  If you are joining RAGE please complete the membership application below and  pay online! Your donations and dues will be used to help the efforts of R.A.G.E…Donate today! 


Whole Cities Foundation and RAGE has partnered to present the Healthy Food Access Grant for organizations in Greater Englewood.  There are 9 finalist who made it to the community voting round.  YOUR vote will help determine which fresh, healthy food access projects in the Greater Englewood area receive up to $8,000 in grant funding from Whole Cities Foundation. Please select your 5 favorite projects from the following finalists. 1 ballot per person.

***Please note that if you select more than 5 projects your vote will not be counted.***

Who is R.A.G.E.?

RAGE Members Sonya Harper and Teresa Gonzalez at Greater Englewood Clean Up Day

R.A.G.E. stands for the Resident Association of Greater Englewood, a resident-driven association established to build relationships with fellow residents, Englewood’s public officials, business owners and organizations.  R.A.G.E. is a grassroots organization that strategizes to address community problems, creates tangible solutions (holistic and block by block) and actively seeks ways to keep fellow residents informed about the latest news in Englewood, Chicago.  A need for change in Chicago’s Englewood community is apparent and a voice for the community is long overdue. R.A.G.E. is the voice speaking out to empower, educate, uplift and motivate fellow residents and stake holders on many of the issues that face the community. Download our updated brochure here!

Our main focus areas are Education/Youth Development, Economic Development and Civic Engagement & Empowerment in the Greater Englewood neighborhood.


You may now donate or pay your membership dues online!  If you are joining RAGE please complete the membership application below! Your donations and dues will be used to help the efforts of R.A.G.E…Donate today!

Please complete above web application and pay your membership dues online today!

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”