Membership Application


Thank you for your interest in joining the Resident Association of Greater Englewood – R.A.G.E. 

Download our updated brochure or RAGE Membership Orientation Slides!




Our [one-year] membership tiers and dues are as follows:

 Executive (Residents Only) $25.00

 Affiliate (Non-Residents) $20.00

 Associate (General Supporters) $10.00

Membership dues help R.A.G.E. in its efforts in the Englewood community, such as events, printing costs, and other expenses.

Once we receive your completed application, our Membership Team will be in contact with you to help you get started with the association and update you on the latest news/upcoming event.

Benefits of joining R.A.G.E.
  • Build relationships with residents, businesses and schools in the community.
  • Received up-to-date information that can impact the neighborhood.
  • Members of R.A.G.E. are viewed as a highly trusted resource for Englewood.
  • Offered various opportunities to voice your concerns directly to elected officials, media, etc.
  • Invited to serve on panels, attend exclusive workshops and training that pertain to civic engagement and more….

Membership is open to all residents, individuals and entities who have an interest in the betterment of the Greater Englewood community. Members include residents and non-residents of Greater Englewood. There are three levels of membership designed to suit your level of involvement — Executive, Affiliate and Associate.

2015-06-20 14.46.48

Executive Members are residents in the Greater Englewood neighborhood and have all rights of the organization including full voting rights on standards issues. These members participate or serve as leaders in the various R.A.G.E. action areas and acts as an ambassador for R.A.G.E when necessary. Executive members are also part of the decision-making process that may impact general membership. Executive Members will assist in recruiting new members; provide marketing support for RAGE through distributing flyers, letters, emails and other organizational literature regularly. They must attend 75% of R.A.G.E. meetings/events. Annual dues for Executive Members are $25.

2015-06-20 16.17.40

Affiliate Members will receive timely information from R.A.G.E. and take part in discussions. Affiliate members may serve/lead our action areas. This membership is intended for non-residents who support the mission of R.A.G.E. and would like to be more involved in the strategic direction of the association. Affiliate Members will assist in recruiting new members; provide marketing support for RAGE through distributing flyers, letters, emails and other organizational literature regularly. Annual dues for Affiliate Members are $20.


Associate Members are individuals who support the mission of R.A.G.E and who wish to receive information regarding our activities, including posts from R.A.G.E. website and other informational mailings. Associate Members may attend all R.A.G.E. meetings (both public and private) and take part in the discussions but have no voting rights. Annual dues for Associate Members are $10.

  1. Felicia jones says:

    come out snd get involved in the R.A.G.E it take s village to help our young youths out here in these streets.come and support your blocks.

  2. […] become connected with others who are actively pursuing the betterment of Greater Englewood? Then join R.A.G.E.! E-mail us at or call […]

  3. tyshondra says:

    I commend what rage is doing in the community it brings an postive impact within in chicago and i myself wanna become an member

  4. Nathan Quincy Jones says:

    My time has come to be more than a spectator of my community. I have grown up in Engelwood graduated from Luke O’ Toole, battled the hardships of attending Harper HS & rose above becoming a product of my environment and now I must give back, reach out to the youth who fallow me. As a film student I have an obligation to televise this bloody, tumultuous, mind altering revolution.

  5. Change needs to occur in Chicago and I know RAGE is going to be at the Forefront of that change. I filled out a membership application online last week and looking forward to being a part of an organization that has such a positive impact on the Englewood community.

  6. Anthony Otis says:

    The freedom, liberation, equality and justice depends on all of us. I’m ready to die for it. ARE YOU?

  7. Asonna Barker says:

    Thank you for your dedication and strength

  8. Rhonda wilson says:

    I really need the help

  9. Marianne Robinson, says:

    Hi Miss Asha Butler, et al. I just heard you on WVON with Perri Smalls and I want to commend you for your example and dedication to Englewood and the preservation of our people/community. I grew up in Chatham, rode my bike with my brothers in Englewood in the ’60’s, and am a member of Advocate/Trinity UCC and NCOBRA Chicago. Asante Sana Queen!

  10. shunter976 says:

    Looking forward to building a greater ENGLEWOOD. Although I am not currently residing in the are, but my family are long time residents in the Englewood area since the 1960’s. I lost so many who I considered as sons and family members in the Englewood area. My grand daughter’s dad was killed on 59th laflin in 2014 before she was born, and my Mom help so many in the area. I PRAY THAT THE LORD BE WITH ALL WHO JUST WANT TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE; BLOCK BY BLOCK, ONE NEIGHBORHOOD AT A TIME, FROM CITY TO CITY, AND STATE TO STATE. WE ALL CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. GOD BE WITH US ALL. GOD WILL PROVIDE!!!

  11. I want to attend your upcoming housing event.

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