Top 10 Working Principles


  1. Develop an Englewood Policy/Legislative Agenda.
  2. Continuously Engage in Englewood Rebranding and Beautification Efforts.
  3. Increase executive membership (residents of Greater Englewood) by 5%
  4. Expand Support of the Educational, Social and Emotional Development of Englewood Students and Parents.  (Englewood Education Strategic Plan, 2012)
  5. Support of Youth Empowerment, Character Development and Active Student Voice in Addressing Educational and Community Development Needs. (Englewood Education Strategic Plan, 2012)
  6. Recruit and Develop Young Professional Taskforce to in order to develop leaders, activist, and entrepreneurs servicing Englewood as mentors and innovators.
  7. Partner with existing education oriented/youth empowerment organizations.
  8. Support and participate in the establishment of a community driven co-operative to research requirements for an acquisition of a closed school building.
  9. Strengthen partnerships & relationships with existing movements and organizations.
  10. Create peaceful social spaces and civic activities throughout Greater Englewood.

If you are interesting in working with R.A.G.E. on these efforts please complete the contact us form.

  1. ashleybrock says:

    i would lime to make a change because right now i live in englewood and bad thing are happening. My life is good i am wealthy but i dont like seeing people get hurt and i try my best to help them.

  2. kameisha ashford age 13 says:

    i agree with the tweet about Yale . i was so mad when they closed it down . i really didn’t want to transfer to another school. and if they open it again i will go back to it

  3. all buildings in Englewood should pay taxes … it dry, except big box stores…start a ex-felon initiative and ask the teamsters to represent them ….put together a young leadership commission and groom our next Englewood ward leaders…

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