Englewood residents: Get a “Re-UP” on Your Utility Bill!

Posted: July 26, 2022 in Uncategorized

Englewood Residents the “Re-Up” is back at it again & ready to help you pay your bills! At our So Fresh Saturday Summer Kick-Off in June, we piloted the “Re-Up” utility raffle, and are bringing it back to this weekend’s Englewood Housing Fair! we are ready to Re-Up our neighbors by paying a one-time $250 payment towards your gas or electricity bill. To qualify for this Re-Up opportunity, you must live in Englewood or West Englewood and complete this form in its entirety.

We will do a drawing to announce the winners during the Englewood Housing Fair on Saturday, July 30th at the Saint John Evangelist Missionary Baptist Church. WINNERS MUST BE PRESENT TO QUALIFY. Applications will close at Noon on Friday, July 29th. Only one utility bill will be paid per household. For questions please call us at 866-845-1032 or email joinrage@gmail.com. Apply here –https://bit.ly/reupmybills

  1. Diane Redd says:

    I pray that someone can give me some valuable information. My husband and I need one of the signs for parking in front of our home. My husband is 80yrs, and I’m 75yrs old. People often parkin front of our home making it very difficult for us to get to our car. My husband is on a walker with very bad vision, and is on dialysis and we both have health problems. Walking great distance to our car is often very difficult. So any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for all that your organization are doing in the community.

    • Howard Carter says:

      You can contact the city of Chicago or the department of motor vehicle and tell them you need a handicap pole in front of your house and they will send you the application for the pole and you will also get a placard for your car. I paid $25 per year for my handicap pole in front of my house

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