Whole Foods Closes; the Englewood Community Still Rises

Posted: May 6, 2022 in Uncategorized

For the past several years, Englewood has been rising. Community residents, organizers, workers, and leaders have worked to attract and sustain business and community development. When corporations don’t see the magic and momentum in Englewood. It becomes their loss and definitely our opportunity to engage with others that want to invest in a thriving community. We are confident that the next operator will work alongside community stakeholders.

During Whole Foods’ tenure, residents were hired, trained, and grew within the company. Small Black-owned businesses developed and were able to expand their products throughout the city. The legacy of our work with Whole Foods is impressive. Englewood Whole Foods supported more Black-owned businesses than any other Whole Foods in the nation because the Englewood community made that happen.

Greater Englewood still has a menu of local healthy food options led by the community for the community. This includes but are not limited to; Dion’s Chicago Dream, the Go Green Community Fresh Market, Getting Grow Collective, IMAN Food and Wellness Center, Chicago Food Depository, Sistas in the Village, Englewood Food Sovereignty Network, Growing Home, Top Box Foods, and Grow Greater Englewood, Englewood Village Farmers. 

Our next steps include finding another healthy and quality food retailer to take the anchor located at 63rd and Halsted. This is a historic, transit-oriented hub that will see millions of public investments in the next few years. Englewood needs great healthy food options, and just as important, we need jobs and career opportunities so that residents can continue to thrive. 

While we were disappointed that Whole Foods is leaving, we remain proud of what we accomplished. Our community’s work was more than transactional; this community transformed Whole Foods, and collectively we changed peoples’ lives. That we can both celebrate and Englewood will keep rising!!!

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