ICYMI: Check Out R.A.G.E. 2021 Impact Report

Posted: March 5, 2022 in Uncategorized

As our President, CEO & Co-Founder Asiaha Butler once said, “The major assets of our community lie in the spirit of the people — their resilience, commitment to community development, and the dedication to actively engage in projects or issues that impact them.”

Nearly 12 years after the founding of R.A.G.E. we find this to still be true, and a testament to the strength of the individuals that make up the Englewood community. 

Despite the challenges of the year, R.A.G.E. continued to CONNECT with Englewood residents to BUILD a Greater Englewood + TAKE ACTION in the community. We are elated to share with you the R.A.G.E. 2021 Impact Report, celebrating a few of the many accomplishments of this past year. 

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