R.A.G.E. Is Growing! Welcome Ashley & Chanel

Posted: February 19, 2022 in Uncategorized

With a new year, comes new growth and we are elated to share that the R.A.G.E. team is growing!

Introducing R.A.G.E.’s new Director of Operations, Dr. Chanel Phillips

“It is an honor to serve as R.A.G.E’s Director of Operations. I’ve been an affiliate member for at least 10 years and am proud of the work that R.A.G.E. continues to do on a consistent basis. I grew up not far from Englewood in Brainerd (Washington Heights) and still have family in the area. I am an unapologetic Foundational Black American whose primary focus is on the health and wellness of other Foundational Black Americans in all areas of activity (e.g. economics, health, justice). I am a Community Psychologist and Culturally Responsive Equity (CRE) Evaluator by trade. I am also an avid yogi and a certified 200-hr CYTT Yoga Instructor. I am absolutely looking forward to working with R.A.G.E. to enhance, expand and develop programmatic services designed to improve the quality of life among Englewood residents. I look forward to sharing space with you all.”

Introducing our new, “Re-Up” Program Manager, Ashley Johnson! (ajohnson@ragenglewood.org)
“I’m Ashley Alexandra Johnson, a third-generation Greater Englewood native recently returning to the city after being away for ten years. I have lived in Mexico City, New York, New Orleans, and Accra in Ghana, but I love Chicago the most! I came back to Chicago from Somerville, Massachusetts where I spent the summer of 2019 exploring the local Black history as well as the local plants and their uses. Before that, I was in Ghana where I worked with a non-profit that awarded Black young people a free educational travel opportunity to Africa. Before I went to Ghana I lived in New Orleans where I worked with the Black Seminole Mardi Gras Indians to manage their gallery and archive new and iconic Black Seminole suits and photography. Before that, I lived in New York where I worked with small designers to help them develop their fashion businesses and I DJed professionally at night (on my laptop not with records, for those wondering). Today I am so happy to be back in Englewood helping to rebuild the great community that we deserve to live in!”

Please join us in welcoming these two new wonderful individuals to the R.A.G.E. family!! Our organization’s growth has been slow but steady, and we are elated to kick it up a notch this year with the new team!

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