ICYMI – Spotlight on Englewood – WTTW News

Posted: December 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

WTTW checked in with Englewood businesses and our Executive Director, Asiaha Butler to talk about civil unrest, black owned businesses and the Go Green on Racine Initiative happening here in Englewood.

Here is an excerpt –

“This month, WTTW News is checking in on neighborhoods across Chicago where civil unrest occurred this summer, including some instances of looting and property damage.

Our next stop is Englewood on the South Side, where businesses along commercial corridors like 63rd Street and Ashland Avenue experienced extensive damage in late May and early June. 

That week, Asiaha Butler watched as businesses near her home were broken into and looted.” – WTTW – Chicago Tonight.

Read full story here and check out the video below!

Click here to learn more about our Black Owned Business Initiative.

  1. Patricia McQurter-Figgs says:

    So glad to see this piece.  My thoughts on this are the same as yours, but I also have a questionl.   Throughout the 15, 16, 17 and 18th wards (Englewood a part of most of these wards) i – there are many unkept vacant lots throughout parts of the above mentioned wards.  Many of those lots are  owned by the city and these  lots are filthy and need to be cleaned.     I have noticed that the lots up and down 59th Street (some) are clean, but most are not.      Many of the lots are now being used as junk lots with equipment and cars exposed to the public eye which looks a mess.  Even the operating business are dirty and not taken care of.  I am aware that a lot of residents do liter, but is not it still the responsibility of the owner and the city to make sure that these properties, either vacant or occupied, are maintained properly.   I believer that if our community is clean and safe looking, businesses are more prone to invest.  I call the 311 number to report problems, but do you know of any other ways we can get our community cleaned up by these owners. 

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