#MemberMonday- Joyce Scott

Posted: November 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

Repost – #MemberMonday – Check out Joyce Scott!


Member Mondays are meant to highlight community leaders that showcase the excellence of residents Greater Englewood and Joyce Scott is a great example. Ms Scott has been instrumental in empowering our community through public speaking by spearheading the Toastmasters Club in Greater Englewood. Offering her knowledge of generational wealth building and utilizing her communication proficiency through volunteering, which includes the workshop offered at Kennedy King College by Harvard Professor Steven Rogers called ” Pathways to Capital for Black Entrepreneurs” on September 24th. Ms Scott brings her knowledge and experience to RAGE and Greater Englewood so that we are able to learn from our past.

Origins: Auburn Gresham, Harlen, and Loyola.

Ms Scott was raised and educated in Chicago. Growing up on 90th and Filmore she attended Harlen Academy off of 95th and Michigan Avenue where she says, ” I was in to books, you know getting my studying on…

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