RAGE President Speaks out for Justice in Englewood

Posted: July 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

Last week, RAGE President, Asiaha Butler, was given two opportunities to speak out against economic and educational injustices facing the Englewood Community.

In an op-ed with Crain’s Chicago Business, titled How Chicago can invest in Englewood, Asiaha called for the city of Chicago the ways Black communities like Englewood have been given unfair opportunities and for the city to start taking the needs and potential of these places seriously.

Google Earth image of Recent Developments on 63rd & Halsted

Asiaha argues that the “city needs to lead the way” and “serve as a model for investments in economically challenged communities”. Make sure to give it a read and share the story so others can see what we’re fighting for here in Englewood.

In another story with Complex, Asiaha spoke out about the history of the 2013 Chicago Public School closings that hit Black and Latino communities especially hard.

Story by Complex on the 2013 Chicago Public School Closing

In the video, Asiaha details what she remembers from the 2013 closing and how such an event has impacted communities like Englewood in psychological and physical ways.

While economic discrimination and education accessibility continue to affect our community, we’re proud of people like Asiaha for speaking out and letting others know that we will continue demanding for equal opportunities and justice.

For more information, contact R.A.G.E. at 866-845-1032 or email us at joinrage@gmail.com.

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