Englewood Quality of Life Plan’s Public Safety Task Force Meeting

Posted: February 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

R.A.G.E. serves as the action agency for Englewood Quality of Life Plan’s Public Safety Task Force and their next meeting is on Thursday, March 8th from 5:30pm-7pm at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, (415 W. Englewood Ave). Please share the event with your network and feel free to bring a neighbor or friend to themeeting as we work towards a peaceful community here in Englewood – hope to see you there! 

Also, 007th District Commander Johnson is inviting the Greater Englewood Community to attend his State of the District Address on Thursday, March 1st from 6pm-8pm at Kennedy King College – U Building, 740 W. 63rd Street. This event will give everyone the opportunity to hear Commander Johnson’s vision and strategy for the Greater Englewood Community and give students, residents, stakeholders, businesses, elected officials and beyond an opportunity to provide feedback. 


Commander Johnson’s State of the District Address


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