#MemberMondays – Spotlight on Stanee Wills

Posted: July 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

At the age of 23, Stanee could have died after her vehicle was hit by a drunk driver. She was hospitalized for 3 months after the car accident with her injuries including broken ribs, collapsed lungs, a fractured pelvis, and the strong feeling of defeat. Nearly 10 years later, Stanee looks back on the accident as the wake up call she needed to focus on her purpose in life. That purpose being to help and empower others.

Her quest to help others branched off into a variety of directions. She began by tutoring youth in the community and being a youth advocate. Also, she made it her mission to support and educate the homeless on the rights and services offered to them. Her community service efforts made her realize her unyielding passion for uplifting young people and promoting education. She decided to commit to the work full time by taking on teacher assistant jobs and recruiting for elementary schools. Stanee finds joy in not only helping children, but keeping parents informed about their child’s education and resources available to them.

20258047_1728427847170920_6670608043542325024_nEducation has always been a strong component of Stanee’s life. From graduating from Chicago Vocational High School with a certificate in cosmetology to earning her bachelor degree from Chicago State University in Liberal Arts and Sociology– there is no limit to what she is willing to learn. Most recently, she has completed a Graduate Certificate in Economic Community Development and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Geography.

12662509_10100361528857105_4136547772043594034_nDespite being told she would be infertile after her car accident, she is the proud mother to 4-year-old Aden Dixon. One of her main goals as a mother is to be a good example for her son and the youth throughout the community. She believes that it’s important to not let “mother’s guilt” get in the way of investing into as many children as you can. Stanee’s goal as a mother and community servant is to show young people that they can do anything.

Stanee furthered her commitment to the Englewood community by becoming a RAGE member in October 2016. She was introduced to the organization while working as a recruiter for Amandla Charter School. She regularly attended the Association’s So Fresh Saturday events to recruit students and immediately became impressed with the community’s resilience. Englewood has a special place in Stanee’s heart. Recently, she was voted in as the new Vice President of Public Relations for the Greater Englewood Toastmasters Club.

Though Stanee resides in Chatham, she spends a great amount of her time in Englewood. Her parents live in the community and she is a teacher’s assistant and parent at the Montessori School of Englewood.

“Every day I push students to be their best. No matter what it takes; tears, heartache or sorrow. I share my story to hopefully restore hope and faith in them.”Stanee proudly states, “I’m going to always be in Englewood.”

Stanee Wills, we acknowledge and appreciate your resilience and commitment to the Greater Englewood community.

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Written By: Michelle Rashad | Edited By: Shanel Adams

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