#MemberMondays – Spotlight on LaTanya Johnson

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

In the winter of 2012, LaTanya Johnson moved to Minnesota for a fresh start. After constantly hearing about the shootings and crime happening back home in Chicago, she returned to the city just four months later with a passion to make a difference. LaTanya made it her mission to start a project that would help change her community for the better.


June 19, 2013, LaTanya founded her beloved organization LaTanya & The Youth of Englewood, an organization that helps keep youth safe, engaged and involved in a positive environment. The program began with five youth and now is a safe space for 35-40 young people between the ages of 5-13 years old. LaTanya’s selflessness warms the hearts of all those around her. She organizes her youth program outside of her part-time job because she believes it’s a priority to put a smile on our children’s faces.


With no big budget funders or grants, she made LaTanya & The Youth of Englewood her labor of love with the help of community volunteers, donors, churches and parks. The organization’s summer program provides youth with art, dance and music classes, breakfast and lunch. This year, LaTanya plans to incorporate mediation and healthy eating in her summer program to show the youth throughout the community the importance of maintain a healthy lifestyle.

LaTanya’s love is not limited to youth but also extends to the Englewood community. She has been a R.A.G.E. Member since 2014, immediately becoming drawn to how the association connected her to people in her neighborhood. Not to mention, she fell in love with the idea of being kept up to date with new developments and information pertinent to the Englewood community and the myriad of events the organization sponsors. Her relationship with the organization grew and it even became a beacon of light for her. LaTanya stated that R.A.G.E. president Asiaha Butler became someone who would encourage her to never give up.

15672515_1506548276041410_701544137099185947_nWithout surprise, LaTanya was awarded the R.A.G.E 2016 Englewood Rising Award. However, she was humbled and in surprise when her name was called to receive the recognition. She proudly revealed that the award is the only certificate that she has hanging on her wall. Even though LaTanya is currently a resident of the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, she expresses that “I do everything in Englewood.” She is also very involved in the work of the Englewood Quality of Life Plan including the Youth and Education Task Force and the Public Safety Task Force. LaTanya also volunteers with Voices of West Englewood, Mobile Funn, and BDM Sports and Education. LaTanya is the proud mother of four. She attended Tilden High School and began studying Child Development at Kennedy King College and hopes to go back to finish her degree one day.

LaTanya is still currently looking for a donated space to host her summer program that kicks off on June 26, 2017 with the program being ran Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm. If you want to support LaTanya & The Youth of Englewood you can donate HERE , email LaTanyaJ703@gmail.com or call 312-983-2855.

Let’s applaud our phenomenal Rising R.A.G.E. member, LaTanya Johnson!

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Written By: Michelle Rashad | Edited By: Shanel Adams

  1. Eileen McKeough says:

    Thank you for honoring Ms. Johnson for the work she does and bringing her to my attention. Thank you Ms. Johnson for the difference you are making.

  2. Renee Collins says:

    Great job latanya!!!!

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