#MemberMondays – Spotlight on Lannon Broughton

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

No one puts in more elbow grease for the Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.) than Lannon Broughton. That is why it is no surprise he was the recipient of the 2016 Hardest Working R.A.G.E. Member Award.


14711427_10210646882750469_8914404921828513941_oWhen Norfolk Southern Railroad Co. began displacing people in his neighborhood, Lannon’s passion for the Greater Englewood community deepened. The displacement of residents that resulted in his grandmother’s home being seized inspired him to take a stand in his community. While being involved with the Englewood Community Action Council (CAC), he was introduced to R.A.G.E. in 2014. It didn’t take long before he was furthering his commitment to the Englewood community that he became a member of R.A.G.E.

Lannon has spearheaded many initiatives to uplift the Englewood community. One accomplishment of Lannon’s was being instrumental in getting Englewood designated as an innovation zone for the Race to the Top program implemented under the Obama administration. Through the innovation zone, he was able to secure $10,000 funding for a parent peer advocate pilot program to assist parents of students in the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

18402213_108730272993967_5484209868607755542_oHe is also the founder of VisaVie Engagement, which is a community outreach, consulting and training organization that goes out and reach residents and stakeholders by providing different resources and information. Businesses, organizations and individuals can utilize VisaVie services to promote events and programming. VisaVie is more than just street teaming, services are provided with a genuine passion to explaining the event or program being promoted and engaging with the community.

This isn’t where Lannon’s commitment to his community ends. He is also involved with FORCE – Fighting to Overcome Records and Create Equality and serves on the Advisory Council for H3 – Healthy Kids, Healthy Family, Healthy Community – at Miles Square Health Center and Metro Family Centers. He often volunteers with Teamwork Englewood and is a member of Grow Greater Englewood. Lannon’s busy schedule doesn’t prevent him from serving as a Champion for the Englewood Quality of Life Plan’s Housing Task Force and he stays in the loop of all of the work being accomplished through the community-driven plan.

Lannon says that his hobbies include anything that involves his hands. “I like to work with my hands, building things, making something new from something old.” He has minor electrical skills, plumbing skills and can do major carpentry work. 17201358_1557864687579237_3461685724795362797_nHe is also a proud father of four children and has ten granddaughters and one grandson. Lannon is “passionate about everything” and believes in being an active community member to make the world a better place in his own way.

Round of applause for our Hardest Working R.A.G.E. member, Lannon Broughton!

Written By: Michelle Rashad | Edited By: Shanel Adams

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