Englewood Public Safety Task Force Needs You!! Meeting-TODAY, April 20th!

Posted: April 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Come out to the Englewood QLP Public Safety Task Force Meeting this evening, April 20th at the P.E.A.C.E. Center – 6455 S. Peoria Street – from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.

Public Safety Task Foc

The goal of the Public Safety Task Force  is to create a community where neighbors respect, trust, and forgive each other in building shared accountability for a peaceful and safe environment. The task force is dedicated to implementing the following four strategies:

  • Strategy 1: Establish a network of residents and organizations working to improve safety
  • Strategy 2: Create peace campaigns and restorative justice peace circles
  • Strategy 3: Reduce youth arrest by promoting after school programs and centers for youth starting at the end of the school day to 6:30pm from all school age children
  • Strategy 4: Create counseling programs, anger management and substance abuse counseling for 18-34 years olds

The Public Safety Task Force currently has 58 members and is always looking for more dedicated people to join forces to improve public safety in Englewood. To learn more about the four strategies, early action projects, and how to get involved please come out to the task force meeting this evening!

ALL Are Welcome! 

Public Safety Task Force Champions:

  • Michelle Rashad and Asiaha Butler – Resident Association of Greater Englewood
  • Mike Tidmore – Teamwork Englewood

Contact Us: qlp-public-safety-tf@googlegroups.com



  1. Dustin Brewer says:

    Hi there!

    I’m excited to see this plan! I’m especially glad to see the goal under *strategy 3*. I want to make the Task Force aware that our after school program, By The Hand Club For Kids, serves students from Wentworth, Bond, Mays, Stagg, Team Englewood, and Johnson Prep. This next year will be the 10th year we’ve been serving 1st-12th grade students in the Englewood community. Some stats you might be interested to know, since beginning in 2001, across all of our sites, 85% of our students graduated from high school, 81% enrolled in college, and 51% graduated or is attending college or technical school. We’re very proud of our students, and love to see them writing a story alternative to what the neighborhood has to offer. Currently, we’re programming out of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Auburn Gresham, as we’re still searching for a long term property in Englewood.

    We are still expanding to serve more students in the neighborhood and are constantly inviting others to come on board to volunteer. If for any reason you’d be interested in having me out to speak, I’d love to connect R.A.G.E. and more particularly the Task Force to what it is we do.


  2. Dustin Brewer says:

    Also, I would be there this evening, but unfortunately tonight is our annual fundraiser! I’d be glad to come back on any occasion.

  3. wil3t says:

    I cannot come. I am at work

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