#JusticeforFlint – Residents of Englewood, Chicago Care!

Posted: March 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

Several groups based in Englewood, Chicago are seeking donations so that they can help provide basic care kits and water for the elderly and the disabled whom are the most vulnerable in the Flint, Michigan area. The groups from Englewood leading this charge are the following –

  • Voices of West Englewood
  • Imagine Englewood IF
  • Resident Association of Greater Englewood
  • The Rise Foundation
  • Teamwork Englewood
  • Grow Greater Englewood
  • Southwest Federation of Block Clubs of Greater Englewood
  • Canaan Community Church
  • Antioch Community Social Services Agency
  • Evening Star Missionary Church

    Similar to most of the United States, these groups are outraged over the public health emergency due to the ongoing water crisis in Flint. These residents and organizations of Englewood need your help!
    Although, there are many efforts to supply water to residents, these groups have learned through a direct connection in Flint, MI that the needs are far much greater. Many of the residents are facing challenges that prevent them from exercising basic hygienic habits on daily basis.

    The initiative – From Englewood to Flint are soliciting items until April 23rd to provide basic care kits. The items in these kits will include the following:

  • Assurance Premium Disposable Wash Cloths
  • Baby Wipes
  • Baby Oil
  • Rinse Free Shampoo
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Basic cleaner/Clean Face wash
  • Simple foaming face wash
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Vitamin C Drops
  • Listerine Tablets
  • Cases of Water

The goal is to provide 400 of these basic care kits to the elderly and disable who are unable to travel to the distribution centers in Flint, MI.   You can either donate the items above by dropping them off at any of our drop off locations listed in the flier or make a monetary donation to Teamwork Englewood –c/o From Englewood to Flint – 815 W. 63rd, 2nd Fl. Chicago, IL  60621 any time before April 23rd.  The group is planning to bring these items to Flint on April 30th.

For more information please contact Teamwork Englewood at 773-488-6600.

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