R.A.G.E. Five Year Impact Report Available!

Posted: January 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Since RAGE was founded in 2010, we have thoroughly recapped our accomplishments each year to ensure we are on track with our efforts in Englewood. However, many have asked, are we making a real impact and how are we tracking that impact?

Well, this year we decided to release our first 5-year impact report to provide a more in depth look at our accomplishments and the impact it has in Englewood.

We especially like to thank all the R.A.G.E. members and supporters who contributed to our success over the years. It is our duty to continue to be that forward thinking, grassroots neighborhood association that works tirelessly to change the narrative of the community of which we live in.

We know that many of the issues we tackle like TIF Reform, School Repurposing and Civic Engagement are not as easy as passing out free school supplies or clothes. But that is what sets us apart, our members are committed to working on long term strategies that will make a real impact and contribute to a positive transformation in Englewood. Read more about our journey by downloading the full report and feel free to share with others.


It has been a magical ride thus far and we are looking forward to another great year in Englewood!


Asiaha Butler, Co-Founder and President of R.A.G.E

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