Englewood weighs in on ‘Chiraq’ – RedEye Article Featuring RAGE President….

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

You may have heard some rumbling in the news about the new film from Spike Lee tentatively titled, ‘Chi-Raq’, which will be based on the violence in Englewood….Well, RAGE President, Aysha Butler shares her thoughts with RedEye, here is an excerpt from the article –

Butler doesn’t like the term “Chiraq” — a combination of the words “Chicago” and “Iraq” meant to draw parallels between Chicago violence and an overseas war zone. It gives the community a bad name, she said.


“Living in a community like Englewood, which is where the term probably derived from, it’s disheartening for me, because we work so hard to change the perception,” she said. “We know crime occurs there, but to deem us as Chiraq [and say] that every time you go out you need a bulletproof vest, that’s just not the reality we live in.”

Read the full article here & let us know your thoughts.

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