My Block, My Porch and 15 Shots Heard Around the World…New Blog Post!

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Quote from RAGE President Aysha Butler – Blog – “My Block, My Porch and 15 Shots Heard Around the World”

“In the last few weeks, I’ve conducted interviews with reporters from the Chicago Tribune, WTTW, and others on my block, my porch or at the open space I am looking to acquire….Well this day was no different….About 10 mins. in the interview another member of RAGE who lives on the next block stopped by….We continued the interview and in a matter of 7 secs, 15 gun shots rang out…..My initial reaction was a mix of being stunned, nervous, embarrassed, and even fearful….I was literally in a daze….I have been on my block for over 10 years and unfortunately I have heard shots before, but have never witnessed a shooter in action….”


Read the entire blog post here:

  1. Reality is that everyone is putting a band aid on a problem that requires opening the wound and performing a surgical procedure. African American Leaders, Politicians, and The powers that be are not dealing with this issue until it hits home. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of the Violence plaguing our Community. I’m tired of attending meetings listening to a small number of people complain and then go home and do nothing until the next meeting. I’m tired of listening to everyone cop out about how we deal with this grave social issue. Jobs, Education, and Responsibility takes a back seat to accountability for the Actions of these young people. If there was thousands of jobs available our younger generation would not be prepared because of lack of education, marijuana usage, and gun availability in our Community. Please stop blaming the Police, the Slave Owners, and the government their lack of effort is well documented put the blame on the absent Parents and the lack of morality in this generation.

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