RAGE + Hamilton Park Cultural Center!

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hey RAGE members and supporters – We need your help! We are in the process of securing a partnership with Hamilton Park Cultural Center! We will have access to the whole building to do film series, workshops, concerts, and more…

Here are a few pictures of RAGE at Hamilton Park Cultural Center last summer….

8S1A2360 DSC_37581069229_675210712492644_1746302576_n

However, we need a year long insurance policy to secure the partnership….Our funds are low for the premium so if you can donate so we can get this going that will be most helpful! You can donate online here: https://ragenglewood.org/donate/ 

Thank you in advance!


Aysha Butler – Co-Founder and President

  1. Steven Casey says:

    Hey Lady

    What number/goal are you trying to hit?

    Steve   “We must understand the distinction between rhetoric and relevance, between charisma and character, between symbols and substance, between protests and programs, we’ve got to be serious, we’ve got to take care of business”

    Whitney Young


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