7th District Beat Meetings – New Locations for Englewood!

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Do you attend your beat meetings? Well, check out the new dates and location!

180564_197811046899282_186784984668555_796142_3350604_n - Copy


Beat 722,723,724,725,&726 Meets Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at Kennedy-King College RM U-156 740 W. 63rd St.

Beat 731,732,733,734,& 735 Meets Every 3rd Tuesday of the month at Hamilton Park 7200 S. Normal Blvd.

Beat 711,712,713,714,& 715 Meets Every 4th Tuesday of the month at 007th District Station Community Room 1438 W. 63rd Street!

Don’t know your beat number?

Link here to find out: https://portal.chicagopolice.org/portal/page/portal/ClearPath/Communities/Districts/District7

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