The Englewood Manifesto Volume 1.0 by R.A.G.E. President Ay-Sha Butler

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Check out R.AG.E. President, Asiaha (Ay-sha Butler) new blog post titled, “The Englewood Manifesto Volume 1.0”…..

“I have tried to keep my composure and optimism  as I sit back and observe many of the ills that impact comprehensive community/locality development here in Englewood.  As my blog readers know, I’ve been volunteering in Englewood and blogging about all the GREAT things happening for the last 4 years. Believe me, it’s been a rewarding, comical, learning, and sometimes draining experience.  Giving so much of yourself for the betterment of the neighborhood in which you live in can easily take a toll on someone.  It takes a toll on the folks who are actually are paid to do this work, let alone folks like me who have a day job and do this work because of my deep rooted passion to see a positive change”……


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