Call to Action: Looking for Englewood Residents Who Seek Change!!

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

1. Are you a resident of the Englewood or West Englewood neighborhood?
2. Are you ready to join forces with other residents to help improve the conditions in our community?
3. Are you tired of outsiders taking advantage of our community?

RAGE Meeting

If you answered yes to any of these questions, join R.A.G.E. – Resident Association of Greater Englewood today! This alliance encompasses residents of the Greater Englewood (Englewood & West Englewood), who are empowered, organized & ready to TAKE ACTION in order to create a “Greater” Englewood. We will work together to develop immediate and long term ACTION plans in order to…

RAGE members Antoine Butler and Teresa Gonzales at Greater Englewood Clean Up Day

  • Empower our youth
  • Enrich our health
  • Assure our communities are safe
  • Demand adequate education in our schools
  • Protect and provide services to our seniors
  • Promote job sustainability and economic development

Visit us on Facebook or, call us at 866.845.1032  or email for more info!
Isn’t it time for the residents to stand up and take back our community? Join R.A.G.E. today by completing a membership application!!

  1. Carol Gyimatey says:

    I’m in!

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