“I am Englewood, You are Englewood, We are all Englewood”

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For   Immediate Release

Contact:  Eric B. McLoyd, Board President



 “I am Englewood, You are Englewood, We are all Englewood”

Greater Englewood CDC plans to Rebrand, Rebuild and Revitalize Englewood with the launch of the neighborhood wide “Invest of Englewood” Campaign….


Chicago, IL – August 2, 2012

Founded in October 2011, the Greater Englewood CDC was created by a team of residents and non-residents alike, seeking to improve the economic vitality of the Greater Englewood area in Chicago. Greater Englewood CDC’s mission is to re-brand, re-build, and re-vitalize the community by building on existing community assets and facilitating ongoing collaboration between residents and other key stakeholders.

The launch of the Invest in Englewood Campaign (IIE) is a comprehensive initiative created to act as a unifying vehicle for increased and broader investment into Greater Englewood. The enhanced investment will build the economy and ultimately improve the quality of life for Greater Englewood residents.  IIE will serve as a medium through which residents and stakeholders can take part in the redevelopment of Englewood. The Campaign will unify stakeholder efforts, will address factors halting progress such public safety and education, and will drive implementation of existing development plans.  Invest in Englewood campaign (“IIE”), will also seek to promote pride amongst residents while attracting sponsors who are willing to help re-define what “economic investment” looks like in a community.

“We have to re-create Englewood as a brand in order to spur economic development within the community,” says John Gholar, Chief Operating Officer.  “We have to also create a renewed faith and trust between residents and institutions, and that means being transparent and accountable to Englewood.  I believe the [Greater Englewood] CDC can do just that and more”, says Gholar.

“As we came together, we realized that we needed to develop a campaign where our efforts to rebrand, rebuild and revitalize could be shared by stakeholders willing to invest a broader range of resources into Greater Englewood’s economic development”, says Cherice Price, Board Secretary. “IIE represents the culmination of that vision.”

With over 100 different organizations within Englewood, some will question whether the neighborhood needs yet another agency. Yet the newly created Greater Englewood Community Development Corporation (“Greater Englewood CDC”) knows it will fill a large void within the Englewood community. “CDC’s are a driving force to improving economic conditions in urban communities”, states Eric McLoyd, Board President. “Yet Greater Englewood has not had an active CDC for quite some time.”

Greater Englewood CDC is a 501 (c) 3, IL not for profit corporation. It benefits from the fiscal agency and mentorship of Greater Southwest Development Corporation, a community development corporation that has served communities on Chicago’s Southside since 1974.

The Greater Englewood CDC will host its first fundraiser and kick-off to the campaign on Friday, August 3rd at Sikia Restaurant located at 740 W. 63rd on the Kennedy King College Campus from 6pm-9pm.  “This is just the beginning to the renewed hope we wish to gain with this campaign”, states Asiaha Butler, President of R.A.G.E and founding member of the Greater Englewood CDC. “We are asking all residents, elected officials, and business owners to join us for this exciting venture to transform our neighborhood to be truly a Greater Englewood, “says Butler.

For more information and inquiries, visit GreaterEnglewoodCDC.org or call 877.601.6660.

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