Do You Know your BEAT?? All BEAT Meeting Tonight – 6:30pm

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Final CAPS Meeting of the 2011

All Beats of the 7th Districts Strongly Encourage to Attend

7th District Station Community Room

1438 W 63rd St


  1. Aubre James says:

    Allow the credntials “Concerned,Senior Resident of the 20th. Ward of The Greater Englewood Community”,identify Aubre James. Having attended but one meeting with R.A.G.E. things mentioned there,caught my attention. As any Christian Minister ought,I’m concerned about what I may contribute to a unified effort to improve our community! The meeting scheduled for 6:30 pm. this day,will find me in attendance the 2nd. time,in hopes of learning what i’ll be able to do to facilitate reaching our goal.

    Aubre James

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