Is Englewood ready for REAL Change?

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

6 Wards+200 Pastors+100 Orgs.+40 schools+Community College+Residents=Alliance?


We posted a quote on the RAGE FB Pagebook recently and it sparked a lot of discussion!  We want to continue the dialogue here on our website…Here is the quote we posted…”Private investors are attracted to a single, unified voice within a community….There are maybe 4 voices in Lawndale but 20 in Englewood. You just get lost down there (Englewood)” Tom Lenz, former director of LISC.

Is this the real problem of Englewood?  Are there way too many voices not united which is why REAL CHANGE has not happen? What are your thoughts about this?  Do our leaders not work together towards any common goals? What will take for these stakeholders to truly unite for change?? We want to hear from you, please share your thoughts!

Here are some of the comments from Facebook:

“No disrespect to my elders, but I feel that Englewood/the Black community suffers at the hands of our very own, particularly older generations stuck in this very outdated way of organizing and working. Not to mention, a lot of the ‘poverty pimps’ that take advantage of resources coming into the community are the Baby Boomers. They found a way to get a piece of the American Pie (through non-profit hustling) and justify it by supposedly doing community work. But it is only a matter of time before that all subsides. The question I am left wondering is what/who will replace it?”

‎”none of the social agencies truly work as a collective.” – it’s just a tax write off for most of them -“

“Yes I was born and raised in the Englewood community as well, an I drive around in the area almost everyday an it doesnt look nothing like it used to an it just breaks my heart to see it like that… question is what happened, where did we go wrong an lose sight of our community an our children..”

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