RAGE Education and Youth Development Work Group Meeting – 9/2 at 10am

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Greetings RAGE members and supporters!

One of RAGE focus areas/work groups is “Education and Youth Development.”  As you know RAGE has partnered with Wentworth Elementary School this year to offer various youth programs.  Englewood residents, Tonika Johnson, Tesha Dickerson and Asiaha Butler co-founded Media-N-Motion back in January and has completed two successful cycles where students wrote for their very own newsletter, “Englewood Youth Times”.  RAGE is planning to offer this program at Wentworth starting in late September or early October.  RAGE was promised our very own classroom at Wentworth this year and really wanted to discussed how we can take full advantage of this opportunity! 

We are having an Education/Youth Development work group meeting this Friday at 10am at Kelly Library located at 6151 S. Normal Blvd. 2nd Floor. We will debrief about our summer programs and flush out our programming for the fall.  I know many of you work during the day, so if you are interested in this work group, just let us know and we will keep you posted on what we discuss.
Thank you for your committment to the Greater Englewood neighborhood!!
We apologize in advance if this is a duplicate message as we send certain messages via emails and from our website….

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