Are you a Writer? Or want to report good news in Englewood? Join the Englewoodportal Editorial Committee!!

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Members are needed for Englewoodportal Editorial Committee

The Englewoodportal is looking to revamp the Editorial Team and would like to invite you all to attend an Informational Englewoodportal Editorial Meeting August 19th 2pm at Teamwork Englewood 815 w. 63rd Street 2nd floor. As the Portal Manager I am looking to add residents of Englewood who enjoy writing, sharing the latest events in Englewood, reporting on anything and everything that is beneficial to the community. If interested or can suggest someone please send me an RSVP to let me that you will attend our August 19th meeting at 3pm.

Purpose of Editorial Committee

The purpose of the Englewood Portal Editorial Committee is to monitor the portal for accuracy, relevance, and newness, generate content to increase awareness amongst Englewood residents, organizations, schools and businesses. The purpose of the committee is to help increase digital literacy in Englewood. The Englewood Portal Editorial Committee will be a welcoming place where members of the Englewood Community work together to build a diverse resident driven site.

Thank You,

Rashanah Baldwin, Englewood Portal Manager

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