FREE Music Program for Youth in Englewood! Positive Artists Wanted too!

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

As part of the Save Our Youth Summer Campaign, CounterPoint is proud to announce the second official CounterPoint Music & Life Program of Summer 2011. The program is FREE for participants due to a co-sponsorship with Calahan Funeral Home and the Follow My Lead Youth Music & Life Foundation via individual donors. Ten (10) teenagers who reside in the 7th District Englewood area will be selected to attend the program located at the 7th District Police Station on 1438 W. 63rd St in Chicago. We are proud to be reaching teenagers all across the city, serving as the catalyst for community partnerships and continuing in the spirit of the “it takes a village” concept.

Apply For Your Teenager Today!

Parents who reside in the 7th District area can register their child (1 per household) for the program by contacting the Follow My Lead Youth Music & Life Foundation viaemail – The email MUST include a short, one-minute video of the interested teenager with him/her (a) stating who they are, (b) demonstrating their talent as a singer, rapper, poet, etc and (c) expressing why they should be accepted to the program.

Participant Eligibility:

Teenagers must:

  • be 13-19 yrs old
  • reside in the 7th District radius
  • have a desire to be POSITIVE and be PASSIONATE about the music industry

Teenagers age 13-19 who have a non-traditional interest in music/performing arts. They have a profound interest in the music industry beyond that of the average music listener and aspire to be positive rappers, singers, music producers, engineers, etc.

The CounterPoint Music & Life Program provides a creative outlet for teenagers who have a passion for the music industry and teaches them how to utilize their talents in positive and productive ways. They learn the basics of the music industry from the artist perspective (writing, recording, performing, etc), as well as the business side (marketing, promotion, copywriting, etc).But it’s just not about music. More importantly though, vocabulary tests, math skill development, critical thinking and problem solving exercises are built into the curriculum that support traditional learning. They have fun learning how to develop and nurture their talent, and gain confidence and elevate their self-esteem by being involved with a program that aligns with their passion.

Program Features
Non-conventional, fun learning curriculum
Highly experienced/accredited Facilitators
The Voyage (exploratory learning field trip)
Program T-shirts
Healthy Lunches
One-on-One Instructional Visits From Industry Professionals
Mentoring from FML Ambassadors
Program Graduation Ceremony & Performance

Wanted: Singers/MCs/Poets/Producers

We’re always looking for positive artists from the area to come share their talents and experiences with the youth in our programs. Selected individuals will assist with song writing, vocal instruction, performance tips and overall professional guidance. The goal is to motivate and inspire students to reach their full potential as future artists and/or industry professionals. To learn more about volunteering, visit our website

Again for more info contact Follow My Lead Youth Music & Life Foundation viaemail –


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